About Us

Decades of experience transacting directly with factories and handling logistics throughout the United States and Canada.
We pride ourselves on knowing our customers’ needs and delivering quality products in a timely manner.

your trusted, global distributor of disposable medical supplies

7GoldenMed works with Healthcare Systems, Behavioral Health Facilities, Federal, State, and local governments, nursing homes, retail, schools, convention centers, and corporations.
Our experienced buyer’s work hard to source and screen the most respected manufacturers in medical disposable products.

Our widely developed supply chain network ensures continuity of your disposable medical goods delivery that you can rely upon.

Foreign shoppers can rest assured with 7GoldenMed‘s complete import/export services. We’ll fulfill and deliver your essential products, no matter where you are in the world. Our competitively priced storage solutions will secure your inventory and ensure its availability when you need it most.


We're The Safety Experts

At 7GoldenMed, we care about your worker’s safety. We help companies like yours keep their employees well-protected and businesses open. Our team provides your workplace with trusted, critical, high-quality disposable products and devices, suitable for every sector of industry. 7GoldenMed is a top, reliable importer of high quality, essential personal protection that today’s healthcare COVID-19 crisis demands.

We'll source, stock, store, and deliver your protective equipment and other supplies seamlessly

Our primary products include Surgical Gowns, N95 masks, 3-ply Face Masks, Eye Protection, Face Shields, a wide variety of disposable gloves, and Foot coverings.

Do your employees request a particular brand of disposables?
We source major medical supply brands and are ready to fill your custom orders.

Need difficult to locate special items? Don’t see your item?
We’ve got you covered. Contact us to see why companies trust 7 Golden Med to fulfill all their medical supply needs.

What make us different

Competitive Pricing

We supply is known for offering only the trusted, top quality products medical supply manufacturers have to offer at lower costs than other suppliers. Our clients can trust that they are receiving our best prices and our very best protection, every time.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer service works as hard as you do. We work in the health care industry, just like you. We value your time and your business. Our knowledgeable, trained service coordinators always work with our customers, and their safety in mind.  

Procuring difficult to source PPE

We pride ourselves in procuring difficult to source PPE, medical and safety supplies.
From disposable gowns and N95 surgical masks to hand sanitizers, and nitrile medical gloves. Our products meet the very highest standards.

Did you know?

7GoldenMed also can assist you in all your warehousing and distribution needs.
For questions and quotes, send us a message today.

Our Promise

7 Golden Med strives to bring its clients the very best in reliable, high-quality PPE. Rest assured, when you choose us for your infection control disposables, you’re getting decades of experience transacting directly with PPE factories, and handling logistics throughout the United States and Canada.

Our multiple supply chains give us fulfillment options across the globe to ensure we provide the uninterrupted continuity of service that is critical, especially during COVID-19. We pride ourselves on knowing our customers’ needs and delivering quality, dependable PPE to you and your team in a timely manner.

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COVID-19 Response

7 Golden Med knows that they have a role in making supplies available to customers and patients. We are dedicated to supplying the necessary medical supplies and protecting healthcare employees during this critical time.